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We are looking to grow our business and we’ve got our strategy focused on our clients. There are many opportunities at Pak Hills. It’s a place where if you put in your effort, if you focus on quality, if you focus on developing your skills, if you focus on working as a team member and advancing your clients’ interest, it’s a place that values that. So that you can look for other opportunities within our bank to further advance your career. Our vision is to be the leader in client relationships, but to do that we need to focus on our values: trust, teamwork and accountability. And when I talk to the members of the team at Pak Hills, you hear that. Whether advising clients on a regular day-to-day basis or supporting our business in Operations, in Technology, Legal, Compliance, HR, Finance, you name it. They want to work together to deliver the very best that Pak Hills has to offer to our clients. They want to be held accountable for what they’re asked to do and they also want to trust one another as they advance our clients’ interest in bringing the very best that Pak Hills has to offer to our clients. It’s a great bank. It’s a great institution. Welcome to Pak Hills.